Tunnel Drying Oven To Test Polypropylene

from:LIB Industry time:2017-05-18

May 14, 2017 we have completed production of tunnel drying oven , and after 2 days commissioning, we delivered this tunnel oven to our Israel customer. Our customer uses this tunnel drying oven to test polypropylene pellets, to perform enter at temperature 20℃, and out with high temperature 100℃ to heating and testing of polypropylene pellets.

Internal Size of this tunnel oven is 2500*1500*1200 mm, and chain with special stainless steel to achieve its durability. Programmable color touch screen controller , easy operation of customer to set programs , and view data.

Chain slides smoothly and orderly to make samples heating in uniformly. And installed feed port and exit area to make testing and heating in automatic way.

Please contact Sales@lib-industry.com for more information.

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