Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

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Temperature and Relative Humidity Test Chamber

Temperature and Relative Humidity Test Chambe

Temperature and Relative Humidity Test Chamber

Temperature and humidity test chambers are ranging in size from 50Ltier to 3000Liter, including benchtop, standard type and walk in. Included are ultra low temperature test chamber, high rate of change of temperature chambers (15℃/min) and climate with humidity chambers.

Our temperature and humidity test chambers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, including benchtop / vertical/ walk in constant temperature humidity chambers. Temperature Range: -70°C to +180°C; Humidity range:10% to 98%R.H.


* Temperature control and display unit

* Humidity control and display unit
* French TECUMSEH compressor cooling unit
* Environment friendly refrigerant R404A & R23
* Circulation with low noise centrifugal wind fan
* Temperature sensor PT-100
* Humidity sensor dry and wet bulb sensor
* Programmable color LCD touch screen controller
* Viewing window with interior lighting.
* Test hole with silicone screw plug.
* 2 pieces of adjustable and removable mesh shelving.
* Bottom install 4 castors for ease moving, and with brakes function
* Safety protection system
* Automatic water supply, water purification system
* Can perform long time 85 °C/85 % RH tests

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