Cyclic Salt Fog And SO2 Gas Corrosion Chamber

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Cyclic Salt Spray + SO2 Gas Corrosion Test Chamber

Cyclic Salt Spray + SO2 Corrosion Test Chamber performs test according to IEC60068-2-52, IEC61701-2, ASTM G85 and others test methods. Cyclic corrosion chambers are available in sizes ranging from 700ltr to 4500lr.  Cyclic Corrosion SO2 Chambers, which can perform 4 distinct climatic modes including salt spray mode, drying mode, controlled temperature humidity mode and S02 gas corrosion mode. Included standard  (SSC-010, SSC-016 and SSC-020 models) and custom types.

cyclic corrosion tester


Material is Glass fiber reinforced plastics

Temperature control and display unit
Humidity control and display unit
Saturated barrel temperature control and display unit
SO2 control and display unit
Programmable color LCD touch screen controller
Temperature sensor PT-100 MV A-class
Humidity dry and wet bulb sensor
Saturated barrel, 31Liter.
Pneumatically operated cover with viewing window
Build- in salt solution reservoir, 35Liters .
4 castors with brakes function
Standard sample holders
Exhaust pipe & drain pipe
Safety protection system

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