Accelerated Xenon Weathering Chamber - Flat Type

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Accelerated Xenon Weathering Test Chamber - Flat Type

Xenon arc chambers reproduce weathering damage by sunlight, temperature, humidity and water spray. Xenon weathering test chambers are utilized in textiles, dyes, leather, plastics, paints, coatings, automotive interior parts, electrotechnical products, color building materials. To perform weathering test, color fastness tests, aging test, hardening test, softening test, crack.

Comply with standards of ISO 105-B02/B04/B06, ISO4892-2, ISO11341. AATCC TM16, TM169, ASTM G155-1/155-4, JIS L0843, SAEJ1960/1885, JASOM346, PV1303 etc.


* Flat Shelf Type

* 1 piece of 6500 W water-cooled Xenon Lamp with inner quartz and outer borosilicate filter

* Programmable color display touch screen controller to control and display test parameters

* Measurement and control of Irradiance 300-420 nm

* Measurement and control of Black Panel Temperature( BPT)

* Measurement and control of Chamber Temperature

* Measurement and control of Chamber humidity

* Water spray system with build-in 50L water reservoir

* Control panel located on right side of test chamber

* Safety protection system

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