Cyclic Corrosion Chambers

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Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber CCT Chambers

Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber CCT Chambers

Cyclic Corrosion Chambers meet IEC60068-2-52, IEC61701-2, ASTM G85 and other international Standards test methods. Cyclic corrosion chambers are available in sizes ranging from 500ltr to 4500lr.  Cyclic Corrosion Chambers, which can perform 4 distinct climatic modes including salt spray mode, drying mode, controlled temperature mode and controlled humidity mode. Included are SC-010, SC-016 and SC-020 models. Can be customized as customers’s request.


* Material is Glass fiber reinforced plastics
* Temperature measure and control
* Humidity measure and control
* Saturated barrel temperature measure and control
* Temperature sensor PT-100 MV A-class
* Pneumatically operate cover
* Build- in salt solution reservoir
* Bottom install 4 castors for ease moving, and with brakes function
* Standard sample holders
* Exhaust pipe & drain pipe
* Safety protection system

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