The cold and hot impact test box is also known as cold and hot impact box, cold and hot impact tester.

Wednesday,June 27 2018

The cold and hot impact test box is also known as cold and hot impact box, cold and hot impact tester. The cold and heat shock test box has the characteristics of large test space, for the material research and industrial manufacturer's batch or electronic and electrical components, automatic parts, semi-finished products, metal, chemical material, communication element, national defense industry, aerospace, military industry, BGA, PCB based wrench chip, test it in a moment of high temperature, low The chemical transformation and physical damage caused by the thermal expansion and contraction under the temperature difference condition of the fast changing temperature are tested. The cold and hot impact test chamber can simulate the instantaneous changing environment between high temperature and low temperature. So we can judge whether the parameters such as creditability and stability of the products are qualified. It will provide you with the basis for predicting and improving the quality and credibility of the product.

1. the product has beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, advanced technology and excellent material selection. It has simple and convenient operation performance and reliable equipment performance.

2. vertical three box structure, high and low temperature box cycle process automatic control, stay and conversion time can be adjusted, stainless steel internal bladder, multiple forms of record, with multiple safety protection measures and devices.

3. using the most advanced measuring device, the controller uses a large man-machine touch LCD human-computer interface controller. The LCD display in Chinese and English can be set with various complex programs. The program is set by man-machine dialogue. It is easy to operate, easy to learn and reliable.

4. perfect protection and alarm function: when there is short circuit, leakage, room overtemperature, compressor overpressure, overload, oil pressure, water break and other abnormal conditions, the screen automatically displays the troubleshooting method on the screen. When the input voltage is unstable, it has an emergency shutdown device and the cold and hot shock structure moves in 10 seconds. .

5. the cold and heat shock recovery time is within 5 minutes, which can meet the specifications of MTL, IEC, JIS, GJB and so on.